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The Pillars Child Care offers an award-winning, unique, and innovative program for infants 6 weeks to preschoolers of 5 years. The program provides opportunities for The Pillars of Prospect Park community members and child care children to enjoy shared activities.

In addition to our intergenerational programs, our Center provides children with specialized art, music, dance, meals, exercise and neighborhood adventures. We believe children should be exposed to new things, and empowered to grow mentally and physically. The Pillars goal is to provide a loving, caring, educational family friendly child care center.

InterGEnerational activities

Each child receives the highest quality of care with a high degree of individualized attention from our dedicated, trained staff. Intergenerational activities set our program apart from more traditional child care programs. Many children today don’t live near their grandparents and don’t have that valuable connection with older people. Our Grand Friends and Child Care partnership builds mutually beneficial relationships through books, art, music, gardening, special events and more!

"I've missed reading to children," shared Barb, "Grandmas like me, loved spending time with our grands, but they are in high school or college now. This program gives me and my friends the ability to read to little ones. It's so much fun!"

Our infant class room, for babies from 6 weeks to 12 months, is situated in a safe and welcoming area. Our professional staff is well-trained, dedicated and provides a loving, nurturing environment. We provide daily communication about your child's schedules, napping and well-being throughout the day.

  • Separate Napping Room
  • Large & Small Sensory Time
  • Sign Language
  • Both Large & Fine Motor Skills
  • Tummy Time
  • Intergenerational Visits
  • Nutritious Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks
  • Formula Provided
  • Indoor/Outdoor Walks

Our professional teachers work hard to help our tender toddlers become more independent, creative and self-assured through learning and play. Our goal is to tailor the class experience to each child's individual needs to ensure they can achieve the skills they need to move to the next level of development.

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Large Motor Skills
  • Manners
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Following Directions

Our preschool classroom has an inviting atmosphere that encourages children to laugh, learn and play. Our trained professional staff integrates learning opportunities through stimulating activities and play. All the lessons are aimed to improve your child's readiness for entering Kindergarten. We want to prepare them and provide the beginning foundation for your child to be successful in everyday life.

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Fine motor skills
  • Large motor skills
  • Social/Emotional
  • Name Recognition
  • Manners
  • Self-help skills

inspired play

The Pillars Child Care provides a stimulating and nurturing environment for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. We offer a balanced approach to child care, focusing on the “whole” child by promoting social, emotional, physical and educational growth and unique activities.

  • Grand Friends
  • Interactive Music Program
  • Indoor & Outdoor Play Gyms
  • Birthday Parties
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Art Classes
  • Diverse Cultural Experiences
  • Developmentally Appropriate Activities
  • Etiquette & Social Skills
  • Reading & Story Time
  • Community Outings & Field Trips
  • Outdoor Gardening

We believe in hands-on learning and children are encouraged to explore, create, question and make choices. Our program promotes a loving environment for children.

At The Pillars, your children are cared for by staff experienced in early childhood education and certified in first aid and CPR. Parents receive daily updates on their child, are invited to formal conferences twice a year and a monthly newsletter of our activities.


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The first step is to meet one-on-one with parents to discuss the needs of the child and the family. Enrollment information, immunization, behavior and emergency forms are to be completed before a child can attend. A health care summary for your child must be signed by a physician and returned to the center within 30 days of enrollment.

When a child is accepted into the program, we charge a one-time, non-refundable registration fee. Depending on the site, there may be other deposits due.

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